What Is the Role of a Real Estate Attorney?

A real estate attorney can help a client with legal issues that pertain to residential and commercial real estate, commercial leasing, tenants and neighbors, and private property ownership. These lawyers also assist with the transfer of real estate property. A real estate attorney can also help with the legal aspects of a rental property and help defend the rights of renters, tenants, landlords, and owners.


Attorneys offer legal advice on zoning violations, value estimates, property taxes, and restrictions on real estate. They can help with real estate disputes and deed problems and resolve disputes over boundaries, trespass, and encroachment. Attorneys will review and prepare documents, file liens, and draft deeds. Lawyers can also create and register documents on behalf of their clients.


Real estate lawyers can help clients with environment insurance and title issues. These lawyers will review appraisals, inspections, purchase agreements, and leases, as well as draft some of these documents. They can also represent clients in court if needed to reach settlement agreements.