How Long Do Bankruptcy Lawyers Near Me Take to File a Case?

Each bankruptcy case is different. When you search for bankruptcy lawyers near me, you may be wondering how long it is going to take.


The average Chapter 7 case takes four to six months to complete. It can take longer if you need to give more information, the bankruptcy trustee must sell property, or you are involved in a lawsuit related to bankruptcy. You start the process with filing your paperwork. These documents provide details about debts, expenses, income, and recent financial transactions. You then attend the 341 meeting of creditors hearing. You may need to provide additional information after the meeting.


Then you will need to file the financial management course certificate. You must complete this within 60 days of the first date set for the 341 meeting of creditors. If everything goes according to schedule, you can then get your bankruptcy discharge about 60 days after the meeting. The case isn’t officially closed until the court resolves all matters and dismisses the case.