If you are in need of a bankruptcy attorney in Wilmington, DE, contact Doreen H Becker Attorney At Law - Bankruptcy Attorney.


Since 1994, Doreen have been instrumental in designing Delaware bankruptcy law.


 In that time, she has served over thousands of people just like yourself who were looking for financial relief. From the rare Chapter 12 case to the everyday Chapter 7 & 13 to the simplest debt relief program , Doreen has provided excellence and professionalism to each and every client and does her best to approach every situation with an open mind.

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Why You Need a Bankruptcy Attorney


Bankruptcy law can be complicated, so even if you don’t think it is necessary, it can be a good idea to hire a bankruptcy attorney.


Experience: A bankruptcy attorney has experience with the federal and state laws. These cases do also require extensive paperwork and detailed documentation so it’s much easier to work with an attorney. Even a minor mistake can complicate the process. Lawyers also have established connections and, even though this doesn’t give a legal advantage, it can help keep the case moving forward.


Representation: When filing for bankruptcy, you are required to communicate with creditors about negotiations and settlements. Many filers can feel uncomfortable making these calls or aren’t sure how to communicate the right information. An attorney can handle all this communication in addition to representing you in meetings and court proceedings.


Insurance: Lawyers carry malpractice insurance, so if there is a mistake made, a bankruptcy filer may be entitled to compensation. If you handle your own case and there is a mistake made, you won’t be entitled to the same protection.

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